Friday, 13 March 2009

Deanne Day - I Can Hardly Breathe

aka Dave Harrow and Andrew Weatherall ('D' and 'A' as pointed out here).

Sabres/Emissions seemed to be going up in the world by this point (late 1996), as indicated by the fancy pants label (no Lo-Fi, Echoic or Static indication). MCA Music? A website URL? Corporate whores!! Mind you, that 'phreak' website still seems to be going to some extent - it links to Digital Hardcore, Rotters Golf Club's mail order people.

The AA track features a vocal sample(!) from a track by all-round oddball Ed Barton, who's had a very interesting career over the years. Some great noises on there as well...

A - The Long First Friday
AA - Hardly Breathe

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Anonymous said...

You're posting excellent stuff ! THANKS !