Thursday, 12 March 2009

Eddie "Flashin" Fowlkes - Serious Techno Vol. 1

Another oldie here, this dates from 1991. This was before my indoctrination into the ways of the dance, give or take the odd Screamadelica-era Primal Scream or Orb gig. Did an extensive bit of back-tracking though, thanks to a healthy supply of vinyl in the Glasgow area.

Whether it could be classed as 'serious' techno or not, it's a fuckin' great EP, from the "Godfather of techno soul" as he likes to call himself. Fair enough, he used to always get brushed over on all those 'history of techno' articles which concentrated on the 'big three' of May, Saunderson and Atkins. He's still knocking 'em out as well, unlike certain other 'pioneers'...

A1 - D.M.U.
A2 - Trouble
B1 - Yum-Men-Da
B2 - Rave Detroit

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