Friday, 20 March 2009

Optimo - BBC Introducing

... in which our intrepid heroes branch away from the comfort zone of the Sub Club for an altogether different Glasgow experience - broadcasting to the nation via Radio 1, sitting in for Vic Galloway (who's away at SXSW, the cunt). Not a single tune from south of the border, this features the cream of new Scottish talent. Worth the money alone for the Big Ned session.

A few Peel-style fuck-ups along the way of course, but this showcase is magnificent - as a licence-fee payer I demand that they get their own show. Check out the tracklisting...

Optimo - BBC Introducing
Aidan Moffat & The Best Ofs – ‘I Got You Babe’ (Chemikal Underground)
Hudson Mohawke – ‘OOOps Oh My’ (Wireblock)
Correcto - 'Downs' (Domino)
1990’s - 'Balthazar' (Rough Trade)
Big Ned - 'Final Steps’ (Live Session Track)
Big Ned - 'Ambition' (Live Session Track)
Slam – ‘Hot Knives’ (Paragraph)
Ming Ming And The Ching Chings – ‘Creepy Tales’ (White Label)
Magic Daddy – ‘Tastes Pretty Good' (White Label)
The Niallist Feat Ms Mac D – ‘I Came’ (Little Rock)
Foxface – ‘Last Waltz’ (Gargleblast)
Gummy Stumps - 'High Tower' (White Label)
Fingerprintz - 'Wet Job' (Virgin)
Dolksabeat – ‘Zodiac Rising’ (Optimo Music)
Jacob Yates And The Pearly Gate Lockpickers - 'Merry Hell' (White Label)
Big Ned – ‘Love, Honour & Obey' (Live Session Track)
Big Ned – ‘Sugar Daddy’ (Live Session Track)
Naum Gabo - 'Black Lab' (Dissident)
Tattie Toes - 'Shanty' (White Label)
Divorce – 'Scissor' (Optimo Music)
Den Haan - 'Release The Beast' (Optimo Music)
Rustie - 'Zigzag' (White Label)
The Phantom Band - 'Island' (Chemikal Underground)
Dananananaykroyd - 'Black Wax' (Best Before)
The Lady Vanishes - 'Sleep Walk' (White Label)

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