Thursday, 19 March 2009

Orb - A Huge Ever Growing Remix

What to say about this lot? They hosted many a psychedelic night at Glasgow Barrowlands back in the early 90s, serious madness - I've never quite been the same since. I saw in my 21st birthday at one of them (still got a painful memory of attempting to force down my dinner the next night out with the parents).

This was the tune that got me into them, and for the next couple of albums (and remixes along the way) they were a hard act to beat.

Made the mistake a few years later of going to see Dr Alex Paterson DJ at the Arches, his mixing was shite and a light fell on his head while he was doing it. Ah well, that's showbiz...

Orb - A Huge Ever Growing Remix
A - Orbital Dance Mix
B1 - Orbital 9am Radio Mix
B2 - Aubrey Mix Mk1

(not THAT Orbital btw...)

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Chris Mora said...

I had always wondered if it was THAT Orbital (my favorite). I didnt' really sound like them, but I just assumed it was.

Thx for clearing it up.

Ctelblog said...

I thought it was THAT Orbital when I bought it. Was my reason for buying. But it didn't matter cos it was a classic track anyway.

ddgen said...

yeah..i saw dj alex patterson here in the states back in 99, was expecting orbish chillout tunes that I would trance out to in chillout rooms at raves back in the early 90s...wasnt the same...