Monday, 30 March 2009

Secret Knowledge - Sugar Daddy Remixes

It's not often that a remix is as good as the original, but I reckon that at least one of these remixes comes close. Check out the remixers: Sabres Of Paradise, Disco Evangelists and pre-cheese Paul Van Dyk (with Johnny Klimek - odd combo or what)!! I had to get the MFS import rather than the UK Sabres release to get the 'exclusive' PVD mix, but it ruined my 'collect all the Sabres releases' pattern.

The first time I heard the Sabres mix, I couldn't believe what I was hearing after having been so used to the original mix. That final 'oooooohhhh' build up gets me every time. It's the pick o'the bunch for me but the other two are well worth checking out. Must be the only occasion that Paul Van Dyk crossed paths with the Weatherall/Holmes/Needs gang, surely to fuck...?

Secret Knowledge - Sugar Daddy Remixes
A - Sugar Caned (Sabres Of Paradise)
B1 - Out Of Our Brains On The 5:15 (Disco Evangelists)
B2 - Trip Across The Moon Remix (Paul Van Dyk & Jimmy Klimek)

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Ctelblog said...

Disco Evangelists mix is the only one anyone needs.

jay said...

i used to hunt around for any disco evangelist/ david holmes mixes they rarely disapointed back in the day.

jay said...

thank you kindly by the way