Monday, 2 March 2009

Twitch - Contort Yourself - Optimo Mix

This is a cover of the James White and The Blacks track from 1978, which actually came out on the Ze label (just like the original). A (wet) dream come true for JD Twitch, I reckon. The mix is disco-tastic and sounds great cranked up full bung.

Track B1 features JD Wilkes (as Naum Gabo) doing a tribute to another JWATBs track, 'Stained Sheets'. Track B2 is Twitch again, doing all sorts of shit with samples of The Fire Engines and The Pop Group. The full story's at the bottom of this page.

No more Optimo live shows as the Sub Club isn't on that Awdio site anymore, but maybe that's a good thing. There's actually a good chance of me getting off my arse and going down one of these days...

Zevolution Serie #1
A: Twitch - Contort Yourself (Optimo Mix)
B1: Twitch/Naum Gabo - Stella......?
B2: Twitch - Know Wave/Drone Wave

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