Friday, 3 April 2009

Andrew Weatherall - Double Gone Radio Vol 2

When Vol 1 of this appeared last year I didn't hold out much hope for it becoming a regular series, but whaddya know, here's Vol 2 less than a year later! We seem to be getting spoilt for Weatherall radio shows just now, what with the 6 Music and recent Radio 1 guest spot.

To accompany this, make sure you download the Radio 1 set from Acid Ted, especially as it features this year's Uptown, a track by the marvellous title of 'Brother Johnston’s Travelling Disco Consultancy'.

We're also in for a Weatherall solo album this year, which he described on the above radio show as "Wonky pop crossed with Big Audio Dynamite and Fun Boy Three". Cannae wait!

Check out the track by Higamos Hogamos - one to watch in 2009 methinks...

Andrew Weatherall - Double Gone Radio Vol 2
1. El Telecote / Calvin Cool (Romulan)
2. Tranquilizer / Pirate Love (Kong Tiki)
3. Shish Kebab / Black Albinos (Delta)
4. Ab/B# / Blue Bambinos (unknown)
5. Rare as the Yeti / Kid Congo (In The Red)
6. Well Alright / Spoon (4 AD)
7. Golden Phone / Micachu (Rough Trade)
8. The Keeper / Higamos Hogamos (DC)
9. Black Eyed Suzy / Justin Townes Earl (Blood Shot)
10. Throwing Bones / Phantom Band (Chemikal Underground)
11. Brotherhood of Death / Apollo Sunshine (Black & Greene)
12. Running on Empty Dub / Honkey Finger (Horse)
13. Redlight / Salem (Rough Trade)
14. Not Invited / The Hunches (In The Red)
15. The One Thing / Grampall Jookabox (Asthmatic Kitty)
16. Body Combat / Black Lips (Vice)
17. Hey You Guys / Circle Square (K7!)
18. Besides / Gui Boratto (Kompakt)


Riot said...

Thanks mate, this is sweet. Do you know where we can get No.1 by any chance? Cheers

Moggieboy said...

On it's way up my internet pipe as we speak. Will do it as a post at the top.