Thursday, 23 April 2009

Big Ned - Big Ned

THE band of the year to come out of Glasgow, and the first CD that's not by Optimo or Julian Cope that I've actually bothered to buy for years. Glasgow's most impressive band for some time, and that's saying something. Influences include "David Lynch, Angelo Badalementi, Smog, Nick Cave, Elvis, Swans, Cash, Chris Isaacs ‘Wicked Game’, Carl Denver and the Gun Club. And most likely Satan."

From the press release: "Thrown into this electric soup is Charles Bukowski, Repo Man, Gummo, Lost Highway, Clint Eastwood, the Bible, the Devil, Glasgow City Barbers window display, Casper the Friendly Ghost, and every impressive boxer who ever entered the ring.

For Big Ned, this is the soundtrack to drag racing, zombies, drinking, shop lifting, dancing like a maniac, arm wrestling, fucking, smoking and Lee Marvin putting the boot in. One hand raised in the air with a stiff middle finger, the other raised with a glass of whisky; saluting those with charm and machismo that make music a delight and who entertain."

I'm not going to upload the whole album as it's not mid 90s techno, and the band deserve your pennies. Fuck sake - it's tenner down Fopp - get down and buy the fucker. I've ripped track one which is the A-side from their 7" single (actually taken from the vinyl to keep the 'Ripped In Glasgow' thang going), go check it oot (especially for the FAB cover of Paint It Black). Now, if I can track down that new Horrors album on vinyl...

Big Ned - Big Ned
1 - Bad Angel
2 - Love, Honour And Obey
3 - Scarmonica
4 - Paint It Black
5 - Ambition
6 - Final Steps
7 - Spoiled Rotten
8 - The Big Sky
9 - Son Of Dirt
10 - So Humid

Buy it here