Friday, 3 April 2009

Captain Comatose - $100

Something a wee bit different for a Friday teatime - an EP Captain Comatose, a duo featuring Mr Prolific-as-hell, Khan, and one-off partner Paul Bonomo. I remember seeing this now-defunct duo at Optimo sister club Black Rabbit Whorehouse around the time of this release and was blown away by their show.

Anyway - this EP starts off with a couple of mixes of their cover of Iggy & Bowie's track Baby (from The Idiot). Always a winner in my book, I'm a massive fan of both, to the extent that I got a Ziggy Stardust flash tattooed on my inner wrist (not a decision taken lightly). This cover is a lo-fi electro-tastic winner, with a Glitter-beat. I'd recommend the Electronicat Mix.

On the flip, a nice fucked-up vocal twisted disco track (complete with acapella) and then a great 'listening' track, Masoquista. No idea why they put the title track on the B-side - why not just go with Baby as the A-side? Crazy name, crazy guys...

Captain Comatose - $100
A1 - Baby (Electronicat Mix)
A2 - Baby (Captain Comatose 12 Mix)
B1 - $100 (Captain Comatose 12 Mix)
B2 - $100 (Acappella)
B3 - Masoquista

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Simon said...

This is one of my favourite 12"s of recent years. I still play $100 at Club For Heroes, it's a winner. Electronicat is playing in Edinburgh on Thursday night, I reckon I might pop along...