Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Emmanuel Top - Lobotomie / Pulsions

The A-side is a great acid track that takes a while to build. When it does, it's well worth the wait. I remember being dead excited when I found this as I'd had the name Emmanuel Top floating round in my head ever since having one of those "what the fuck was THAT?" moments round at someone's flat. It gets completely nuts at about the 8min mark and doesn't let you go till the end. Lobotomy? Aye, it gets that way...

Well worth a punt on the B-side as well, a very energetic track that's not a million miles away from this track. Intense as hell!

A - Lobotomie
B - Pulsions

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ugomonio said...

archaic sound. cool

51days said...

What is it? Maybe Paul Van Dyk or Scooter put gun on his head?? maybe his mother played with his roland's tools?? maybe maybe..but i still feel betrayed (i know it's stupid), but before (last century) :) until 1996..that this music will change the world, and it will NEVER sell it's soul...oooo what a little child i was..now i can finally understand my father when he was saying "elvis betrayed me".."i really belived in him"...sorry if this is stupid..but it's from the heart!!!