Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Like A Tim - Game Girl EP

Like A Tim - always a winner in the west of Scotland with a name like that. I can imagine that a few fannies wouldn't have bought any of his records on principle.

Also known as "that Pure tune with the Blondie sample" (track B2, as if you wouldn't have guessed), this is Tim's debut EP for DJAX, from 1992. Is that track A2 attempting txt spk before it caught on? Tim must've been a Prince fan I guess...

Worth grabbing, even if it's just for the 3 minute Heart Of Glass track.

Like A Tim - Game Girl EP
A1 - Me And My Trio-3
A2 - U No I Luv U
B1 - On And On
B2 - Blond Break

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Anonymous said...

Like A Tim's great! I don't have this, just the Rephlex and Geist ones, and the Bass Girl one he did with Gina from Cobra Killer. He put out a load of 12"s in the last years going in a more acid direction (more akin to this one than the albums, oddly enough), perhaps losing a bit of the quirk of the late 90s stuff in the process, or maybe simply refining that quirk and using it more sparingly, I dunno. Anyway, thanks. Blond Break definately the highlight here, yes!

Actually, a fellow Glaswegian and now Berlin resident (as this non-Glaswegian anon is) -Joe Howe of Gay Against You/Ben Butler and Mousepad, just posted a mix on his blog that includes a nice (recent) Like a Tim track. And there's a Prince one on it too:

disco said...

Alricht Alan? Love this record! Great blog sir. Keep it up.