Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Panash - Spare Parts EP

Panash is/was Ashley Marlowe, one third of Conemelt and half of The Corridor. A 'Ripped In Glasgow' legend, in other words. He's the dude that I spoke to on the phone that time...

This EP came out on Special Emissions as a white label in 1996, and is lo-fi as hell. Loads of really grating noises and percussive madness prevail right through all four tracks.

More of this kinda shit in the pipeline, courtesy of Ashley's Two Straight Roads label.

Panash - Spare Parts EP
A1 - Bumpstart
A2 - Prang
AA1 - Theme From Camshaft
AA2 - Speedo

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ugomonio said...

Thanks for periodic rare gifts! Very much I love Conemelt. Can be to you will interestingly, i have logo Conemelt (and others) in a vector format

Moggieboy said...

Cheers - your stuff is outstanding! Plenty of t-shirt potential in there as well. I've got you in my blogroll if that's OK.