Thursday, 15 January 2009

Faderflippers - Resplendant EP

aka Conemelt. aka Corridor. aka a FAB lo-fi trio from Tonbridge Wells. I can't 'big-up' these guys enough - used to love their fucked-up sounds, sense of humour, and seeking out their records under different aliases on different labels. Magic! One time I remember phoning up the number on the label whilst pissed, the phone was answered by the main guy, Ashley, from the band! I think it was his house number. Anyway, told him I was a fan and that they should come up and play Club 69 in Paisley. They never did, but I met them at a gig at the Art School a couple of years later and he remembered me. Got an invite into the tour bus (very swanky - must have been the Weatherall money I reckon). They couldn't have been nicer. Wonder what ever happened to them...?

Anyway, this is a great representation of their different sounds. All three tracks are tip top.

A - Resplendant
B1 - Le Flug
B2 - Top Shelf

Another Sendspace jobby, will save the direct linking for individual tracks...

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Moggieboy said...

No problemo - got plenty more to come.