Monday, 20 April 2009

Pink Elln & Atom Heart - Elektronikkaa 1&2 / Electronique

A couple of insane-as-fuck live tracks here, recorded in 1992. When I first got this record I couldn't believe what I was hearing - I didn't think this kinda shit could be DONE live (this was 1993). It says "NO SAMPLES USED" on the run-out groove as well - always wished they would come and play Pure but it wasn't to be.

As far as I can see from Discogs, Pink Elln (whose name means 'pissing' in German, fact fans) released quite a lot of live stuff, but only this one when he was doing it with Atom Heart (who I've just learned is Señor Coconut!).

VFM on this one, as the full thing lasts upwards of 55 mins. Well worth giving up your time though (don't skip through it), this is one helluva 12" - very unusual...

Pink Elln & Atom Heart - Elektronikkaa 1&2 / Electronique
A - Elektronikkaa 1&2 (recorded live at the Temple, Helsinki 14/11/92)
B - Electronique (recorded live at the Casino, Montreux 07/06/92)

(Separate links due to file sizes)

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Anonymous said...

Another fine set of oldies moggieboy THX!!!! I think mixmaster morris played this at a pure @ the Barras or a megadog (cant remember exactly but amazing all the same, eventually got it on Rising High records)this has got to be the first site i hit after work and you never well as some obscure nuggets you`re more or less uploading most of my old tunes.long may it continue bud,ta much

P.S. d`ye have any Bandulu,Jessie Deep,DJ ESP,McMillan & Holmes or the Glenn Underground/Sneak Collab ?

Tommy said...

alanz - you are one cryptic dude, or learned English at the same place as Eric Cantona.

Seaninoz said...

Great blog man!