Thursday, 30 April 2009

Random XS - Y.A.M.

Another DJAX release from Random XS, one of the first acts to appear on this blog way back in January, when I had beginner's nerves and was only posting the 'TUNE' off an EP. I've gone for the full shebang this time, but the 'TUNE' is definitely B1, flange-tastic and fucks yer head about with loads of spacey noises. Another one which graced the decks at Pure on more than one occasion...

Random XS - Y.A.M.
A1 - Anxiety State
A2 - Impulsiv
B1 - Fading Away
B2 - Element

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Ctelblog said...

Beginners nerves, my arse.

Moggieboy said...

OK I'll give you that. Lazy bastard more like...