Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The Sabres Of Paradise - Tow Truck (Remixes)

This was released as a nice wee remix pack of three - a 7" (watch this space), 10" (featured here) and this 12".

For me, the better mix is the Depth Charge one, and not just because I'm not a fan of the Chemical Brothers. The DC mix has a lot more going on in it, where as the Chemicals one simply plods along in typical Chemical Brothers fashion.

Time for a request here - I would cut off a finger for a recording of The Sabres Of Paradise supporting Primal Scream on the Dec 1994 tour. I asked Mr Weatherall if he had any and he didn't (but said he'd like one as well). I never saw any at record fairs back in the day, or nowadays knocking about on the likes of DimeADozen. My memory of the shows isn't too great but I remember being blown away (and being unable to spot AW anywhere). Anyone...?

The Sabres Of Paradise - Tow Truck (Remixes)
A - Tow Truck (Chemical Brothers Mix)
B - Tow Truck (Depth Charge Mix)

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farmer glitch said...

Cannot offer you that tape I'm afraid - but just found out I have in front of me an uber rare copy of the 2-12inch 'Locked Swords' from TLS ... amazing what google can let you know - if you need an mp3 of this let me know ....

Ctelblog said...

Ah yes, I remember that tour, fondly if vaguely.

farmer glitch said...

Will plug in the sound-card and rip the thing - let you know a link when it is ready - ordered this through Warp online - has sat virtually unplayed and forgotten since .. never knew it was rare until yesterday !!

Moggieboy said...

Cheers Mr Glitch - any problems gimme a shout.