Friday, 19 June 2009

Basic Channel - Q 1.1

This is the most accessible Basic Channel 12" I've got, which kinda makes sense as I'm assuming the 'Q' stands for Quadrant. There's a great review on Discogs which describes this release in more detail than I ever could.

Regular viewers may remember that I put up a competition a couple of weeks ago to win my spare copy of the M-6 12". The task tied in with me being a lazy bastard and requesting Spotify playlists to listen to at work. Well, my inbox hasn't exactly been overflowing with entries. Fuck all, to be precise. So, the winner is the anonymous person who said they'd enter if they could get Spotify in the USA. Send me your address and I'll fire it in the post for you. I'll still take your playlists at the usual address if anyone wants to share one...

Basic Channel - Q 1.1
A1 - Q1.1/I
A2 - Q1.1/II
B1 - Q1.1/III
B2 - Q1.1/IIII

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Ronald Chutney said...

Thanks for the 2nd time today, this has brightened up an otherwise rather dull Friday dole day, when are you dj'ing at Club For Heroes Moggieboy????

Moggieboy said...

Friday 14th August - you coming along?

Ronald Chutney said...

I will most definitely be there, practically on my doorstep and The Wee Red is cheap for drinks as an added bonus, I'll be bringing a few mates too, any idea if Twitch will be there?

Moggieboy said...

Nice try anon, but afraid your plea is in vain...

Ronald - glad to hear it. Twitch cannae make it that night but is gonna do CFH once they stop doing the Edinburgh Optimos (probs autumn time). I'm going to CFH next week but just as a punter...

Alan said...

another excellent post. Cheers.

Ronald Chutney said...

I start my my new job on the Monday after you're on at CBH so I'm glad it's a Friday, ha ha, bring it on...

Anonymous said...

arite maman hows it goan ?luv the site its great.the gu album is a blast fae the past,i luv may detriot cannie wait to hear it dont have claude youngs planet earth he done as brother from another planet on 7th city i luv that tune used to know a guy who used to borrow tunes fae martin and wilba fae rubadub and he had the green copy of this which is now worth a mint on discogs wish id "borrowed" it haha

Nolan Micron said...

I'm lovin' this. Basic Channel kind of passed me by at the time, so this is a most welcome opportunity to catch up. This shit is ace.

Anonymous said...

Hey man,

I was the guy who said I'd enter if USA had Spotify. But I can't bring myself to let you pay postage to send it to me, seeing as how I don't have a turntable and I have the Maurizio cd which has that track I'm pretty sure. Just keep up the great work on this blog...Here's a playlist for a dubtechno mix I made some months ago:

1. rolan vega - playlit
2. cv313 - dimensional
3. burger/ink - milk & honey
4. sven weisseman - activity chain
5. rhythm & sound - jah rule
6. mitchell akiyama - on-off course
7. quantec - t10
8. cv313 - space
9. plastikman - rekall
10. electric birds - rian
11. convextion - miranda (echospace remix)
12. theorem - mantra one
13. stewart walker - slowness
14. pole - streit
15. plastikman - hypokondriak

Moggieboy said...

Cheers for the playlist - I'll try to track 'em down. Unless you've got a linky??