Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Cajmere featuring Derrick Carter - Dreaming EP

Pulled this Cajmere 12" out as well as that last one and it's much better so here you go. Only came out a year after Keep Movin' and he's come on leaps and bounds with his production. Two uploads by the same act on the same day - whatever next?? Had forgotten how many of the buggers I had...

Breathy, dreamy, trippy as hell with bonkers vocals, the A-side mixes used to go down very nicely back in the snowball days. Fab percussion right across this EP as well.

B1 was a favourite at the notorious Pussypower nights in Glasgow, with it's charming "I ain't fucked all week" refrain. Around this time, I hadn't managed to procure yer actual Percolator 12" and thought (like the track on the post below) that I was onto it here with track B2 but it wasn't to be. Got it eventually though, once I find it I'll fire it up...

Cajmere featuring Derrick Carter - Dreaming EP
A1 - Dream States
A2 - Dream States Dub
B1 - Wet Dream
B2 - Last Cup Of Coffee

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Anonymous said...

hi maman i bought the hood cd cheers for the tip off .do u have this?thomas bangalter trax on the rocks it s awsome