Thursday, 4 June 2009

Kenny Larkin - Catatonic Mixes

I feel like I've been a bit Catatonic when it's come to this blog recently, but I've got hunners of extra work I need to do at home of an evening, which is interfering with valuable blogging/socialising time. It'll be over by this time next week (hopefully), so normal service should be resumed by then.

This was a bit of a departure for the R&S sound that I was used to from this period, as illustrated beautifully on the Optimo mixed CD mentioned below. Talking of which, I felt like I was back in Pure the other week at the launch party for that album. Classic after classic. It's been YEARS since I've been in a club where I knew (and have got somewhere) most of the records that got played. Cheers, Twitch!

Not even the classic R&S presentation - where's the black & silver / blue & silver Ferrari sleeve/label? The Designers' Republic as well, hmmm...

A couple of great Larkin tracks on the A-side here, Detroit-as-fuck with a helluva distorted kick drum on A1, with a beautiful melidic track afterwards. Magic!

Two great remixes on the flip, courtesy of Stacey Pullen and Carl Craig. Carl Craig's mix is up there with his best work in my opinion. No shit. Stacey Pullen adds a voice saying "the only choice" or something, another great mix. Aye, all in all a great EP - one where you can quite happily listen to all the tracks without feeling like you're getting four mixes of the same thing...

Kenny Larkin - Catatonic Mixes
A1 - First State
A2 - Second State
B1 - Third State (Carl Craig Remix)
B2 - Fourth State (Stacey Pullen Mix)

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Alan said...

Larkin could do no wrong at this stage of his production career. Metaphor was a seminal album and the singles that R&S released from it contained some excellent remixes inc. the Catatonic remixes, but also Luke Slater's Loop 2 remix. Unfortunately, Larkin's djing skills were not up to much. His mixing was just okay and his choice of tunes could be really naff at times. Still one of my alltime favourite producers, however. Thanks for the post moggieboy!

Anonymous said...

Stacey Pullem mix really nice. Seein old Djax an wonderin if you've got any Like A Tim?

Anonymous said...


Ronald Chutney said...

That Stacey Pullen mix is dynamite, will be getting played at high volume this weekend when folk are round, cheers

dweller said...

The first time I played this record I had a really mad experience. I was sitting back in the swivel chair - speakers nicely seperated.
When the stacey pullen mix comes on it reaches this amazing point in the track the music is looping with these subtle almost indiscernable differences. After a while I'm thinking, shit this is one long track... It turns out that the needle was going round and repeating in one groove and I was imagining all those subtle changes. The bloody record never did the same thing twice tho'