Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Signal To Noise Ratio - Detroit Is Burning

A great EP from 1991 from Alan Oldham. One of these cunts who is multi-talented like fuck - DJ, various great records, AND responsible for all the magnificent DJAX artwork.

The A1 track reminds me of a classic Detroit track that had slipped my mind for just now - I've got it somewhere. Really annoying, it's now going round my head and I can't shake it. Anyone...?

Signal To Noise Ratio - Detroit Is Burning
A1 - Collision (A Rage In Brooklyn Mix)
A2 - Rave Signal (A Rage In Eindhoven Mix)
B1 - Detroit Is Burning
B2 - Hypnomatic

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WYV said...

Hypnomatic is the one for me, what an excellent low-tempo track with lot's of whirling and bleeping going around!

Anonymous said...

2120 - planet earth?
that rob hood track that repeats the word 'detroit' over and over?

hope u stumble across that 2120 Ep tho... C L A S S I C

greetings from adelaide, australia