Thursday, 18 June 2009

Therapy? - Nowhere (Sabres Of Paradise Remixes)

Seeing as how it's a while since any Weatherall tracks appeared on the blog, here's four Sabres mixes of the god-awful Therapy (and you can get your question mark to fuck as well).

This is a promo 12" which is the only record I have featuring the same tracks on the A-side as the B-side but with different bpms. The A-side has two mixes at 155bpm and the B-side has the same mixes, but at a slower 132bpm. The B-side's are a wee bit longer, so I reckon they just did a straight pitch down. This is the kind of thing that used to make my head hurt in maths at school - I'm sure there's a definite way to work this one out. A great concept though - right now I'm in the mood for the A-side mixes but tomorrow it I might prefer the more sedate B-siders. Magic!

The A-side mixes (Weatherall in 'hard as fuck' mode) remind me of this track by Koenig Cylinders, an early upload on here.

I thought this would be the only record I've got on A&M (really dodgy signings), but a quick check's reminded me that Captain Sensible was on there as well. That's that sorted then...

Therapy? - Nowhere (Sabres Of Paradise Remixes)
A1 - Nowhere (Sabres Of Paradise Mix) (155 bpm)
A2 - Nowhere (Therapeutic Distortion Mix) (155 bpm)
B1 - Nowhere (Sabres Of Paradise Mix) (132 bpm)
B2 - Nowhere (Therapeutic Distortion Mix) (132 bpm)

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evilcrawlingi said...

I love Therapy? but I dig your style too so I feel kinds of conflicted here :D

Dunproofin' said...

Heh - it never occurred to me that these remixes could be played at both 33 & 45 - I always went for the 155bpm assuming that it was supposed to sound nails like this. Still love this - one of my favourite Weatherall remix

Moggieboy said...

No - that's them both played at 33. I agree though - excellent mixes.