Sunday, 12 July 2009

Clubheroes - Raiders Of The Lost Groove, Vol. 2

I bought this 12" for the A-side mixes, but ended up preferring the ones on the flip.

It came out on a German label, Formaldehyd, which I'm not familiar with at all but has a fair old roster according to Discogs. Check out the outfits on the back of the sleeve - it's all a bit bizarre...

So, we've got the 'Chicago Side' featuring Cajmere and Boo Williams - both pretty good mixes but not brilliant. The words 'jazz piano mix' didn't exactly fill me with anticipation but it's safe to listen to it. Around this time I'd have bought a U2 record if it had a Cajmere or a Weatherall mix on it. Grudgingly, mind (thank fuck they didn't as well)...

The B-side is called 'Planet Chick Side' - dunno what that's all about but the mixes are superb, much better than their Chicago counterparts. A bit more bangin' and jazz piano noticeable by its absence...

Clubheroes - Raiders Of The Lost Groove, Vol. 2
A1 - Da Lost Piano (Cajmere's Jazz Piano Mix)
A2 - Da Lost Trip (Boo Williams Mix)
B1 - Da Lost Piano (Dole Mix)
B2 - Da Lost Piano (Kom Mix)

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