Saturday, 11 July 2009

GU - Essentials II

Another fine EP of Essentials from Mr Underground, this time from 1996. Maybe not quite as strong as Vol 1 but still worth a pop if you ask me.

Lots of disco-y house here, in fact my girlfriend has just said "what's that pish? That sounds like the stuff you'd hear coming from a cafe down the beach in Ibiza", as track A2 came to an end. See what I've got to put up with? Tsk tsk...

Lazy bastard couldn't even be bothered to come up with a title for track B2, so I can't be bothered with a description. Saturday hangover and all that...

GU - Essentials II
A1 - The Wheel
A2 - In The Midst
B1 - Mine Moods
B2 - ?

Buy it here


FUSE1TON,DJ said...

thank you very much for the time an energy you put into posting ripping storing an all that goodnes!!

//format//manchester// said...


Love your deep house posts - please can we see more?!

You've introduced me to so much new music, and i've gone and hit discogs hard afterwards.

Any hidden gems from the Cajual / Prescription / KMS / Ron & Chez / Balance / Relief era would be amazing!!

Moggieboy said...

Thanks for the comment - got a wee Chicago number working its way up my internet pipe as wee speak...