Sunday, 12 July 2009

Majic 12 - The Last Battle

This is a mysterious looking one-sided 12" on the Beau Monde label from Detroit that's got a mental 'post apocalyptic' story etched onto the other side! The guy who produced it is Scott Edward, who also did stuff as Uriel if that helps.

It's brilliantly old-skool spacey electro in sound, but somehow manages to sound up-to-date as well (well, 1995 up-to-date anyway). It gets 4/4 after about 5 mins and would be a great tune to build up a set with.

A lost wee gem, which I'd completely forgotten about until spotting it just there. Go check it oot...

Majic 12 - The Last Battle

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Phillip T. Love, frontman said...

Sweet Jesus - I've been hoping someone would post this for years. A stone-cold nu electro classic and no mistake. 'The Return and Revenge of the Majic 12' is another slice of vinyl heaven and is well worth checking out. I won't make any idle promises about ripping and blogging it myself because I've making the same promise to myself for yeeeeears. One day...