Thursday, 17 September 2009

Andrew Weatherall - Bloodsugar Mixes 1998-2000

Today's guest contribution comes from 'former Edinburgh lad and Pure goer' Matty, who emailed me a link to a great site last week. This features not quite all of the Bloodsugar mixes that Audrey did that were distributed on tape(!) at around the turn of the millennium. This series followed the double-pack 12" 'Levels' by Blood Sugar which I seem to have temporarily lost somewhere in the midden that is my flat.

I only had a couple of these, and they were on tape and got duly lost over the years, so it's nice to have an easy download source for most of them here. Lots of Rhythm & Sound-era Basic Channel stuff on them, very minimal throughout but they can get fairly banging at points too. I'm sure that most of you will have at least some of these somewhere but here's a nice handy repository.

As Matty also points out, there's hunners of other stuff on the main page, including some gigs from Chain Reaction favourites, Monolake amongst a very varied selection of other great stuff including the mighty Can, from 1975.

Go check out these mixes, and set aside a spare week or two to work your way through 'em...

Andrew Weatherall - Bloodsugar Mixes 1998-2000

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