Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Blake Baxter - Brothers Gonna Work It Out

The self-proclaimed 'prince of techno' with a set of remixes on the Logic label from 1992.

At the time I was convinced that the 'Red Planet' remix was the work of UR (and duly bought the record), but it was the European wing of 3MB who were responsible instead. This was around the time of all the Tresor Berlin/Detroit Alliance stuff. I can't fuckin believe that these first three 'Planet' remixes on this are done by Maurizio and Thomas Fehlman! Obviously way before the Basic Channel sound/studio setup was developed. By the way, there's a great article about Basic Channel in The Quietus that you should check out.

If I'm being honest I can take or leave the A1 mix - certainly not a classic (a wee bit Gypsy Woman on the intro?), but A2 has a very Cajmere-esque production and vocal so it's a winner with me. B1's much more techno, and combines the best riffs from the A-side mixes with a right good hard squelch. I'll give you two out of three for them, Mr Von Oswald.

B2 has a remix from Mr Baxter himself which concentrates on his spoken words over a nice bouncy beat with synth stabs and his own backing vocals up in the background.

Here's a great idea for the B3 'Brothapella' track - why not make a big-beat record with the title vocal sample slowed down and repeated ad nausea for five minutes? You might even get a hit single. Oh...

Blake Baxter - Brothers Gonna Work It Out
A1 - Red Planet
A2 - Blue Planet
B1 - Black Planet
B2 - Pump Da Bass Mix
B3 - Brothapella

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