Friday, 16 January 2009

The Martian - Star Dancer

You might have noticed I've had the painters in here at R-i-G Towers. This tune goes out to my main man DG who is responsible for the facelift. Not only is he a STAR, but he's a no bad wee DANCER when the mood takes him *cough*...

This, like the Cajmere one below, was one of the first ever *TUNE*s that I heard when I started clubbing, one of those ones where I just had to know what it was. "What the fuck's that flanged track?" was the question on all our lips.

Once I got my paws on it I took it round to a mate's house who (a) had decks and (b) had another copy of this (I didn't get my decks till my first proper pay packet in 1995). He'd figured that if you played two copies together the phasing would go nuts. Sure enough it does. If you have this record you should mix it to this mp3 and see for yourself. Even if not, try to play it on an mp3 mixing thing like VirtualDJ. Mental!

The Martian - Star Dancer
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DG said...

I see what you did there :-)

Thanks for the menshy. One of my all time faves too!

Farmer said...

I like what you've done with the place.