Thursday, 24 September 2009

Klart - For Shavers Only

"I'm a pussy shaver. I'm a pussy shaver. I'm a pussy shaver. Shave that pussy."

... so went the charming refrain from track A1 on this Weatherall & Tenniswood EP, which was the debut release on RGC in 2001.

Lots of fast breaks, it's a great dark, dirty, evil EP with some FAB riffs on it - check the bass on track A2 for example. Magnificent stuff all round. This EP got played to death round RiG Towers when it first came out - it is truly amazing.

It's nice and short and to the point as well (just like this intro) - check the track titles, and each track is under 4 mins long.

"Here is your robot music"...

Klart - For Shavers Only
A1 - Shaver
A2 - Raver
A3 - Robot
B1 - Evil
B2 - Dirty
B3 - Squirty

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Chaz said...

Looking forward to giving this a spin. I know 'Shaver' from Weatherall's 'From the Bunker' mix. It comes in straight after Decal's beautiful 'Freakin' Empires'; what you might call a case of going from the sublime to the absolutely ridiculous...