Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Laidback Luke - Music's Always On My Mind

Four very different mixes, released on the magnificent Touché label in 1998.

In a first for Ripped In Glasgow, I'm posting a dance 12" from someone who's YOUNGER than me. According to Discogs, Laidback Luke was born in 1976, four whole years after I was born.

The original mix is great deep house, but it really gets going on A2, where Dobre gets all Vapourspace on us with a siren straight outta Gravitational Arch of 10 (now I'll need to get THAT up), and pounding drums/bass which sound a bit like this Stefan Robbers 12" from a while back. Excellent stuff.

Ian Pooley gets a bit filtered on the flip, with lots of brief vocal snatches over a nice up-the-front hi-hat and some tech-house as opposed to his previous harder stuff. I went through a phase of this kinda stuff towards the millennium but in hindsight it's not nearly as good as it seemed at the time. Yeah, this one kinda overstays its welcome if you ask me…

I love the B2 mix though - lots of scratching (hence the title I guess) done by Luke himself, a good wee filler as part of a long mix I'd reckon. Not a great track in its own right but definitely good as 'filler'...

Laidback Luke - Music's Always On My Mind
A1 - (Original Mix)
A2 - (Dobre's R Factors Remix)
B1 - (Ian's Mindless Mix)
B2 - (Laidback Luke's Scratch Obsession Mix)

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