Thursday, 24 September 2009

Piranha Dubs 1 - Alabamha

A great find here - thought I'd uploaded all my Holistic records. This one came out in 1995.

Four tracks of haunting electronic noises over heavy beats - lots of nice sinister bits and pieces here. Some of the noises sound like background music on Chris Morris' Jam. Very dubby, the dubbier younger cousin of Piranha Cuts I suppose.

I've always enjoyed a good run-out groove comment. On the B-side of this is "David Icke is our leader!" - hmmm...

My first post of nudity here - hairy snatch & armpits AND smoking a fag (maybe she should have taken a leaf out of Klart's book from below). If I was 15 again(!) the fly would be getting unzipped...

Right - that's me off to get shit together before the journey to Stereo to see the Fuck Buttons. Contemplating bootlegging it but dunno if I can be fucked with the hassle. See you down the front...

Piranha Dubs 1 - Alabamha
A1 - Alabamha
A2 - Scrambled Egg Head
B1 - God Wears Flares
B2 - On My Dub

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