Thursday, 17 September 2009

Various Artists - Remixes

Ah, the mysterious Various Artists, who I posted a Chain Reaction EP up by a couple of months ago. That EP was entitled '1-7'. This is a set of remixes of the follow-up (which I've not got the original mixes of for some reason). This one featured 8, 8.5 and 9. What a joker, eh?

The remixes are suitably far-out, by Autechre, Funkstörung (who I'll need to put up some stuff by), Pole, and Monolake (likewise). Can't really describe what it sounds like, but expect various spacey beats, minimal noises, waves and waves of 'quiet noise' and a beatless number at the end.

This one goes out for Tony fae Fife, the man who gave us the Psychick Warriors demo tape below...

Various Artists - Remixes
A1 - 8 (Ae Mix)
A2 - 9 (:Funkstörung. Mix)
B1 - 9 (Pole Mix)
B2 - Modulo 8.5

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Anonymous said...

the originals are among the best tracks on BC/CR....