Friday, 13 November 2009

16B - Falling

Nice set of mixes here, released on Eye Q(!) in 1998.

Quite chilled for a Friday afternoon as well, but that's the way I'm feeling after a couple of nights of midweek nonsense. Work was scarily a piece of piss as well, maybe I should do it a bit more often. Gonna recharge the batteries tonight before the Bang Bang tomorrow.

This was bought for the Two Lone Swordsmen mix (I had the 16B album already), but I was getting quite into Deep Dish at the time so that was a nice wee double-header on the remix front.

Each remixer has their trademark sounds stamped all over their mix. Actually, now that I'm listening to it that Deep Dish tune would go down very nicely in a dark smoky club just as you're coming up on your medication (mind you, there's plenty of tunes fit that bill nicely).

Aye well, it's been a while since any Weatherall round here...

16B - Falling
A1 - Falling (Original Mix)
A2 - Falling (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix)
B - Falling (16B & Deep Dish Collaboration Mix)

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David Watson said...

Very nice, I'll always take a TLS track or mix off you!

Anonymous said...

A good 12" that shows how the once mighty 16B has now fallen to paperwall boring house. Great remix by TLS, of my favorite TLS period (97-99).