Friday, 20 November 2009

Bowery Electric - Lushlife

Promo 12" on Beggars Banquet from 1999.

Two tracks of hazy downbeat guitar and breakbeat with whispery female vocals. What do you mean it's Friday afternoon? Aye well, just fancied it that's all. As previously heard on this Spacemen 3 tribute album, this features two tracks with heavy-as-hell bass that makes me wanna go and smoke something that I currently don't have. Weekend before payday as well. Grrr.

Just a quickie post tonight as I'm off out early doors, to an ill-advised reunion of an old Glasgow goth club I used to go to 20 years ago. Gonna get drunk on snakebite and blackcurrant before we go in, see how badly everyone has aged (us excluded of course), then fuck off. Probably.

Stay tuned tomorrow though, as I should have something a few folk have asked for if I get the right email response back before then...

Bowery Electric - Lushlife
A - Lushlife
B - Floating World

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zeppelinzx said...

Keep up the great work, this is a favourite site of mine

Moggieboy said...

Cheers - comments are always appreciated.

9f said...

Two lovely tracks. Thanks.

James said...


At risk of being a cheeky bastard do you have a decent copy of Electric Sleep by these guys?

AW used it as the last track in his soundtrack to Nosferatu years back, a recording of which apparently exists but I've never got me mitts on it.

Pip pip