Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The Corridor - Compilation 4007

Another fine exclusive from The Corridor, courtesy of Chris Barter.

I must apologise for the lack of regular vinyl rips this week - I've got loads of stuff on in and out of work and won't be back to normal till Friday at the earliest.

Highlight of this package has to be the 13:28min 'No Fi' which appeared back in on the Fresh Emissions compilation (now THERE's a compilation - might rip the 7" at some point). It used to haunt me, as there's a long drawn out sample of a mad woman talking about being a light sleeper. I asked the Conemelt guys about it at the gig I was yabbering on about here, and they told me the story. I was completely fucked though, and didn't remember, so I asked Chris:

"The inane bird at the end was taken off a shit radio talk show. The sample is exactly 16 seconds long as that was the max sample time on my Korg DSS1 sampler. A sampler with a proper analogue filter, why did I sell it? The sample looped perfectly by complete fluke."

So there you go - the rest of this one goes as follows:

A - Barter / Phillips
B - Barter
C - Barter / Marlowe

Another quality Ripped In Glasgow exclusive (mostly - some of these have been released), courtesy of Tonbridge's finest, Mr Chris Barter. Enjoy...

The Corridor - Compilation 4007
1 - Acid Head Baby (A)
2 - Big Soul Crusher (A)
3 - Band 2 (B)
4 - Energy, Light, Flow (A)
5 - Fragile Image (A) - previously released as "White Trash"
6 - Fury (B)
7 - Naked (A)
8 - No Fi (C)
9 - Redback (A)

Check out The Corridor myspazz here


9f said...

Another great set of tracks Moggieboy. Probably easier listening for most folk but still atmospheric, intense and well put together. I've played it a lot and still play all the tracks and not just some. Thanks again to you and Chris.

ugomonio said...


Anonymous said...

fucking scary, lovely stuff..

ugomonio said...

The sound is very similar on what does the Grant Newman (ex-Conemelt) in project NoizreverzioN