Thursday, 26 November 2009

Hardkiss - Delusions Of Grandeur

Compilation from 1995 licensed to L'Attitude Records.

Howzabout some Californian sunshine to brighten up the gloom of a pissing wet November...? A beautiful set of Hardkiss tracks from the early 90s, I can't big this up enough. I was slightly miffed to learn that the US version of this has different tracks, and that the CD has extra tracks. Mind you, you can't fault the ones they've chosen for this version. Somehow this album has managed to get to 2009 in perfect condition as well, so it's one of the best rips I've done.

It's great to hear this again - takes me back to a psychedelic summer in a flat up Broomhill way, all sorts of nonsense going down. I'd forgotten how amazing the production is. Every tune's a winner - something for everyone guaranteed.

I've re-ripped Raincry as it's a better copy than from the first time I posted it. Also, the buggers did a lock-groove at the end of track C2 so I've done a wee fade on that.

If you're not familiar with Hardkiss then there are some excellent reviews of this album on Discogs which you should check out.

I wish I could find my 'California Dreaming' album which would complement this nicely. Anyone...?

Hardkiss - Delusions Of Grandeur
A1 - Rabbit In The Moon - Out Of Body Experience (Original)
A2 - Hawke - 3 Nudes In A Purple Garden
B1 - God Within - Raincry (Spiritual Thirst)
B2 - Hawke - Pacific Coast Highway #1
C1 - God Within - Daylight (Dreamerdreamsalone)
C2 - Rabbit In The Moon - Out Of Body Experience (Burning Spear)
D1 - God Within - The Phoenix (Someday My Plane Will Crash)
D2 - Hawke - 3 Nudes (Having Sax On Acid)

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nathan said...

Lookin' forward to checking this out... from my original neck of the woods. I most definitely saw them at some point though dates, times and whether or not they were good are out of the question. The Rave years utterly forgotten due to excess. I think I had fun though.

Dm said...

i can help you out with C.Dreaming if you wish.

Moggieboy said...

Yes please! A wee 320 rip link to and I'll post it up - cheers!

Ctelblog said...

Cracking album

fl4nger said...

5 full stars !

mrrey23 said...

Thanks for bringing back memories of West Coast rave aktions and for bothering...keep the goodness flowin'

stevoid said...

A terrific collection,rediscovered it myself a few months back and it's been stuck in the car CD player on long journeys on a regular basis recently.

If anyone has a copy of the excellent 'Acid Funk' EP they can post it would be most welcome as my vinyl went missing at a house party about 10 years ago,have never been able to find it again since.