Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Johan Bacto - March

Part three of a Swedish concept label which was set up to release a record each month during 1999 until the year 2000. It was called Countdown 2000 - wonder how long they spent on that one?

I only have the March release - seem to remember buying on a whim one Saturday morning from Fopp in Byres Road (back when they used to sell vinyl) - the morning after the night that was still continuing.

Anyways, this is quality techno - A side featuring some backward stuff that sounds all out of sync till it comes together, accompanied by what sounds suspiciously like a slap bass chugging along. I realise that this is not selling it at all here, and I'm now getting images of Mark King from Level 42 standing in the production suite. Yikes!

Side B is equally tip-top and flows very well. No slap bass this time, thank fuck, but another great use of that noise that sounds like one of those armadillo things you used to scrape a stick up.

Just the one post today, as it's the third anniversary of the first time I got it on with my girlfriend and I want to do something special before she comes home from work. I had guest passes for the Vileevils (ex Pop Will Eat Itself) at Glasgow Barfly (check the date here) and she was the only person mug enough to come with me. I was in a pretty dark place at the time, as was she. Cue copious amounts of sambuca, backstage drinking absinthe with the band, then Crash, Bang, Wallop - we've had the best three years ever! Awww...

Johan Bacto - March
A - Untitled
B - Untitled

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Anonymous said...

Congrats! have a good one... cheers for the rip.


techtech2009 said...

Johan is a very nice guy. I remember him talking about this project label before he launched it and he was very excited. I also thought it was a good idea and it was a success when it finally hit the shops.

Ctelblog said...

Awww indeed, you old romantic.