Monday, 18 May 2009

Aramchek - Benicassim E.P.

Something a bit more recent here, from 2001! Another Two Lone Swordsmen alias, quite a speedy wee EP this one, mostly kinda breaks but lots of good scrapey noises over the top. One noise on the A-side reminds me of that armadillo-like musical instruments you scraped a drumstick up. Cannae mind what the fuck they were called, but they had them at (primary?) school.

Interesting track titles - the only time I've been to Benicassim (2005), we flew to Valencia, I remember the bridge down to the beach, and saw Audrey himself sitting at the airport on the way home looking all dapper, while I struggled to walk in a straight line, sweaty as fuck, looking like the manky tink that I was...

While on the subject of Weatherall, I see that one of you jokers has amended Russ Abbot's Wikipedia entry to include info and a chart position (!) for this remix. Fuck me, I've created a monster!

Aramchek - Benicassim E.P.
A - Benicassim
B1 - Flight To Valencia
B2 - Beach Bridge

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Ah, cheers for pointing that out. Will update the link after work.

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greatest thanks, Moggie