Monday, 16 November 2009

Optimo Podcast 3 - Take A Stroll Through Your Mind

Number 3 already? That's almost prolific.

A bit different this time round, very different in fact. You might not think it's to your taste given the blurb below but I'd say give it a blast - it's opened my ears to world music anyway.

It's the work of JD Twitch this time round:

"This Podcast is called "Take a stroll through your mind" and is a selection of songs with a psychedelic feel from around the world. All of the music is from the late 1960s and early 70s (1967 - 1975) when psychedelic sounds spread to all corners of the globe. There is something about the warmth and the tone of this music, especially that fuzz guitar that sends me into ecstasy. It make me feel as if I am wrapped in cotton wool. While psychedelic music can often sound like a bunch of stoners making a freaked out racket, all of the songs here are exquisitely joyous, beautifully crafted pieces of music, often with ideas and production that still sounds ahead of the curve. Not all of these tracks are intentionally psychedelic, but all have that certain something that can transport one to another place and another time. All the tracks were recorded from vinyl and in some cases the records aren't in tip top condition or were fairly poor pressings to begin with (especially the African records), so apologies for the fidelity in a few places. Hopefully the wonder of the music still shines through. Once again we aren't making a tracklisting available for the podcast but if you want to know what anything is, feel free to get in touch and we will let you know. None of the tracks are mixed but are all segued together. In order, the tracks are from the following countries - USA / Zambia / USA / USA / USA / UK / Algeria / Egypt / Brazil / Nigeria / Mexico / Mexico / USA. The mix contains 13 tracks and lasts 69 minutes and the download is a 192kbps mp3 (90mb). Enjoy."

So there you have it, not your average Ripped In Glasgow post but we'll see how it goes down...

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Anonymous said...

Some nice hippy music well put together - pretty relaxing actually.

Anonymous said...

Techno, jazz, psyche, prog or any form music created for altered states of mind is fine by me.