Saturday, 7 November 2009

Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia - Psychick Rhythms Vol. 1

A handy double pack of 'mixing tools' from 1993, as played all over the place.

I've been wanting to post this for ages but could't find it. Just clocked it there on a shelf from the side of the spine. Magic!

It came with the following caveat:

"Warning: this object has nothing to do with art or artificial intelligence. This double package (12" version) was designed for mixing, for breaks, for possession, for collectors."

That's me sorted then.

This is the record that I was going on about in this post, when the guy blew my frazzled mind by telling be that the vinyl contained an extra track: side A and side C at the same time created a new track with 'hidden messages'. So - by way of an apology for a shocking lack of posts over the last week I've done the necessary on the decks and have 'created' said track just for you. Judge for yourselves whether there's any hidden nonsense or not...

So, Tim, where's Vol 2...?

Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia - Psychick Rhythms Vol. 1
A - Pull
B1 - Psoudoun
B2 - Break / Shifted
C - Ensnared
D1 - Push
D2 - Break
Moggieboy's bonus breaks: Pull / Ensnared

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