Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The Corridor - Dark Arythmatic

Yet another bunch of unreleased Corridor goodies, thanks again to main man Chris Barter. I kept a couple back for the festive season - no sleigh bells or Billy Idol here...

This time round, I would describe things as 'sinister listening music' - some ambience, lots of mental sounds, some creepy distorted spoken word, and some NOISE.

I still can't believe that some of the acts I've posted have got in touch with me, and have provided such gems like these unreleased nuggets for me to post. Above and beyond the call of duty.

Doffs cap...

The Corridor - Dark Arythmatic
1 - Injected Body Amplifier
2 - T-MEC 9
3 - Phobos
4 - The Man Who Uses Telephones
5 - Sputter Napalm
6 - Kingolaz
7 - Borg

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ugomonio said...

I very much waited it, thanks big!