Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Giorgio Moroder - Chase

One of the best tracks of all time, in its full original 13 min glory.

What can I say? No party round at R-i-G towers would be complete without me sticking this on at some point and dancing around the flat like a fanny before falling into something/someone. You can tell it's been played right enough, it's a wee bit crackle-tastic at the start but you soon forget about it and get swept away in Giorgio's atmospheric electronic majesty.

I made myself watch the movie again before heading off to Thailand earlier this year just in case I got any ideas. I'm sure Thai prisons aren't any more pleasant than their Turkish counterparts.

The first time I heard Chase in a club was when Juan Atkins played it at Club 69 in Paisley, which was also the same night as I first heard 'The Bomb' by The Bucketheads. How the fuck do I remember such nonsense when I couldn't tell you what I did yesterday...?

Giorgio Moroder - Chase
A - Chase
B - Love's Theme

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Anonymous said...

Wow! A 13 minute version. I never knew this existed. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

It's also available - with loads of other goodies - on Ben Liebrand's "Grand 12 Inches" series; well worth checking out if this floats your boat :-)

TPA said...

i can't believe it, been searching the interwebs for the 13 minute version for ages. best christmas present in years :D

techtech2009 said...

Were you inspired by mirror ballz by any chance?

Novemberer said...

Cor, monstrous! x