Wednesday, 2 December 2009

La Cienda Honduras - Lumpen

Double pack 10" on the Swedish Gungeligung label from 1997.

I know precisely fuck-all about this pair, apart from the fact that they are Martin Venetjoki and Tony Senghore - Swedish fellas by the look of it. This was one of those "sounds alright in the shop and it's a double pack 10" so I'll buy it" kinda purchases. It's quite a grower though - lots of different styles.

Sides A & B are quite light, breezy house music, then sides C & D hit you with a WALLOP - lots of hard stuttery kick drums and filtered bits. All done very tastefully, as is the Swedish way.

Get this - I managed to look out my stuff for ATP, even iron some clothes and tidy up the midden that is R-i-G towers while that was ripping - multitasking or what...

La Cienda Honduras - Lumpen
A - Chok-chol Tequila Combo
B - Brevet Fran Östersund
C - När Ingen Vill
D - Hej Tjejjen!

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