Thursday, 3 December 2009

PRML SCRM - Live In Japan

Japan-only live CD, released in 2003.

Hopefully this won't get pulled as it's hardly available in the west. Here we see our heroes recorded at the Zepp, Tokyo over three nights 16/11/02 - 18/11/02. My birthday is the middle night but I didn't make it to the gig, although I did buy the CD in Japan if that counts.

I was quite disappointed that the obligatory (legally required) Japanese lyric booklet didn't have any humorous 'lost in translation' moments (plenty of mistakes, mind) like I've seen in a few others down the years, such as this MC5 gem: "And presently, brothers and sisters, it is time for the kicking out of the fruit preserves"...

The reason for this post is that I'll be seeing them tomorrow night for the first time this year at the ATP festival. Cannae fuckin wait. We'll no doubt get treated to some of the tracks below, I'm holding out for Kevin Shields to come on and work his magic on Shoot Speed / Kill Light seeing as how it's his fuckin festival and all that.

Over the course of the weekend I'll finally get to see The Horrors, and plenty more besides. My Bloody Valentine are playing every night (including a rehearsal tonight) and you've to name your night and get a wristband that guarantees entry to your night, but they'll open the doors to all and sundry after five mins or so so we might manage more than one. Maybe my ears will say otherwise though, they're still recovering from an MBV double-header last summer.

Set-wise, this is pretty much what they played for a few years - they used to be cunts for not changing it about too much, but this sees a great wee cover of the Johnny Thunders classic Born To Lose at the end.

So, ATP is finally here then. I'll not be home till late Monday night, gotta work Tuesday so posting is looking doubtful before Wednesday. So long, pop pickers...

PRML SCRM - Live In Japan
1 - Accelerator
2 - Miss Lucifer
3 - Rise
4 - Shoot Speed/Kill Light
5 - Pills
6 - Autobahn 66
7 - City
8 - Rocks
9 - Kowalski
10 - Swastika Eyes
11 - Skull X
12 - Higher Than The Sun
13 - Jailbird
14 - Movin' On Up
15 - Medication
16 - Born To Lose

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Anonymous said...

moggie. thanks so much for this. I remember seeing this CD once or twice but never got round to buying it.

Have an excellent time at ATP. I'm really jealous, i'd love to see the Scream again. Last saw them around 94 i think.


The Witches Tit said...

Ah, the last great Scream moment. An excellent release and a travesty it was only released in Japan.
Apart from a few moments on Evil Heat it's sadly been a ride downhill to shit city for them ever since.
RCB was cack and Beautiful Future was OK but in a 'it's the Scream so I'll force myself to like it' kind of way. Both gather dust round at my castle.

Moggieboy said...

Yep - Live In Japan was their last GREAT moment. I'll take about half of EH, about 1 tune on RCB and maybe about half of BF. Still think Uptown's as good as anything they've ever done though. Shame the cunts neglected to play it at ATP...

Novemberer said...

"I'll take about half of EH" - (splutters, collapses). Er, which half? It's my favourite after Vanishing Point I reckon...