Thursday, 10 December 2009

R-Tyme - Use Me

Derrick May goes house, circa 1993 on Trance Fusion records.

"Oh, that's the same moniker he used for R-Theme", I thought when I saw this in the shop not long after I got into dance music, figuring it would be a prime slab of Detroit techno like that great tune I had on the Retro Techno album (an early purchase - wish I could find THAT). Fuck me, Derrick May and Darryl Wynn on a pure house trip. The A1 mix by Mark Kinchen is an early Cajmere-style tune, with vocal snippets tossed over a great old-skool track. A2 is on a similar kinda trip with a wee bit of piano, but the Carl Craig mixes are where the real fun is to be had.

CARL CRAIG IS FUCKING ON FIRE HERE. These are a couple of the earliest Craig mixes I have and each one is fucking special. You've gotta check this out if you're a fan. All the trademark sounds are present, in early form - they're a great snapshot of where he was at back then.

There's a weird squeaky sound coming off the groove at the end of the B2 track, but I've done a fade so it's not too noticeable.

Wow - had forgotten about this one, glad I dug it out...

R-Tyme - Use Me
A1 - Use Me (M.K. Mix)
A2 - Use Me (D Wynn's 12 Inch Mix)
B1 - Use Me (Carl Craigs Piano Mix)
B2 - Use Me (Carl Craigs R Tyme Groove)

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Anonymous said...

Seen R-Tyme live back in 92 at Vancouver's first legal rave, lol. Put on a great show. Derrick May also treated us to a killer set that night. BTW, fierce blog you got running here mate, keep up the good work!

Joseph said...

Absolutely love the MK mix on this so keen to hear the Carl Craig ones. Wicked.
(Have you got any others on the label too? I just bought the Polartronics EP and it's mindboggling, so i'm interested in the rest now...)

swissadam said...

Retro Techno is a great lp. Hope you find it.

House-Techno-Dance said...

Oh my days i remember this one, thanks moggieboy +10 respect ;)