Sunday, 20 December 2009

Various - Monstrueux & Magnifiques

2003 compilation on Invasion Planète Recordings.

Regular viewers will know that I'm quite a fan of dark, sinister electronic music and that I was a bit of an old goth back in the day. This compilation covers both these bases! Don't think I'm doing anyone an injustice by firing this up as it was a vinyl-only limited pressing of 624 individually hand-numbered copies (mine's number 267).

Check out the crazy track titles, especially A5. Mental. It comes with a nice wee insert thing that I've scanned in and you can see here.

Track-wise it's very hard to describe - wee bits of electro, some fucked-up noises, weird-as-hell vocals, lo-fi nonsense, sinister sounds - all these boxes get ticked.

This is definitely worth a punt, one of the oddest records I've got...

Various - Monstrueux & Magnifiques
A1 - I.A.V. - Base 1 (1983)
A2 - Silent Signals - Hate You xxx
A3 - Anti Trust - Chagrin
A4 - Perverse Teens - Teen Lust
A5 - Count Tickula - Creepy Smile Of Self-Satisfaction
B1 - Krom-Y - Garçons Dans Le Brouillard
B2 - Perverse Teens - Numéro Zéro
B3 - I.A.V. - Le Maître Du Monde (1985)
B4 - Le Syndicat Electronique - Entrevue Misanthropique
B5 - Anti Trust - Brennendes Land

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