Saturday, 12 December 2009

The Velvet Underground - Singles 1966-69

An early Xmas present to myself, and now to you too...

Must admit, got a bit of a hard-on when I saw this 7x7" box set in the shop the other day. Especially when the sales guy said that the pressings were amazing and that they were designed to be played LOUD. The attention to detail in the label design and the sleeves is outstanding - I've just sat and scanned the whole lot in and included it in the download.

I know it's only just out but it's not the kind of thing that's won't sell just because some prick's put it up on the internet. I've justified this to myself in my head. If anyone from Sundazed music's reading this and wants me to pull it then fair do's.

Get the lowdown on all the recordings here on the Discogs page - this is something else! My all-time favourite band and I've finally got the All Tomorrows Parties single, which is one of only two records that I've got on my Discogs wantlist and it's never come up the whole time I've been on it (this is the other one - offered a guy £120 for it and he said no, he was after £199 and it didn't even have the insert - cunt).

These are the original mono recordings, and all are different to their album equivalents. Being the sad cunt that I am, I ripped both White Light/White Heats and both sides of Single 7, despite each side being the same. Didn't want you to feel that you were missing out on anything.

Stay tuned for some more festive treats over the coming weeks...

The Velvet Underground - Singles 1966-69

Single One
A - All Tomorrow's Parties
B - I'll Be Your Mirror

Single Two
A - Sunday Morning
B - Femme Fatale

Single Three
A - White Light/White Heat
B - Here She Comes Now

Single Four
A - White Light/White Heat
B - I Heard Her Call My Name (Alternate Mono Mix)

Single Five
A - Temptation Inside Your Heart
B - Stephanie Says

Single Six
A - What Goes On
B - Jesus

Single Seven
A - VU Radio Spot
B - VU Radio Spot

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swissadam said...

Very nice. Good cover picture too.

nathan said...

You bastard. How dare you put me in a festive and jolly mood with your amazing gifts.

Anonymous said...

Merry X Mas to you too chief.

Harold said...

Awesome. Thanks so much.

Nolan Micron said...

Whoa! That's a bit special. Thanks Moggieboy. Merry Christmas indeed.

Andrew said...

Wow indeed! Much thanks!

coirce said...

ooohhhh, and big thanks for the effort put in to puting this lot up! Saw then on the 93 reunion, was too young to see them first time around.

Julien said...

Nice one Glasgow boys,

X-mas before time... many thanks

cheers from France

Anonymous said...

many thanks !!!

Anonymous said...

much thanks!

barbelith said...

Bought this a few weeks ago. It's a well presented box and the mastering is excellent.

It's probably the best that i've ever heard this music

Thanks for digitising

Anonymous said...

These sound fantastic - thanks a lot!


Anonymous said...

I bought an ex-jukebox copy of White Light on the Verve label for an exorbitant sum many years ago... I may still have it... this has prompted me to dig it out.. thanks very much!