Saturday, 9 January 2010

Andrew Weatherall - OST, Resonance FM - 9 January 2010

Yesterday Audrey popped in for a natter with Jonny Trunk on his OST show on Resonance FM, bring a plethora of weird and wonderful sounds with him.

"Today on the OST we are joined by producer, collector, artist and general all round world wide super person Andy Weatherall. For years this man of fine taste has collected film music and library music from all corners of the globe. And here he is slightly showing off about it, we hope..."

Fuck me - this is seriously weird shit to be going out on a Saturday afternoon. I really enjoyed listening to it before heading over to the mystic east yesterday, you London folks are lucky to have a station like that broadcasting - I'd never really dipped into its schedule before having a look into it yesterday.

As well as various film-related choice cuts, there's some great banter which occasionally strays off topic, including a nice wee analysis of The Littlest Hobo at one point. Listen out for the competition entries flooding in (to win CDs of 'Pox' and 'Boardroom 2') which attempt to insert weather-related puns into movie titles.

Aye, good stuff all round, allow yourself two hours to check this one out...

Andrew Weatherall - OST, Resonance FM - 9 January 2010

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David Btn said...

nice one mog, good to have you back.

bxb said...

Was pretty awesome show. He played some tracks from the SLow your circulation sets. Hearing him talk about The Dog was hilarious and more so having lived in Hawaii. Dog is totally corny. Thanks Moggie!

nathan said...

Lucky? London? Seriously? Radio here is shit. Could be better... room for a new pirate station that plays weird shit 24-7 without some ass ventilating over every track.