Thursday, 21 January 2010

Andrew Weatherall - Roundtable on 6 Music - 21 January 2010

Guess who was a guest reviewer on Steve Lamacq's Roundtable show this evening?

Alongside Lamacq, Bernard Butler and Kid Harpoon, Audrey gives us his tuppence-worth on the week's new releases. He's turning into quite the radio personality these days, and I'll take plenty more where that came from.

As well as the reviews (which I've quoted a bit of below), he reveals that a new album should be ready for the end of spring/early summer. Grand. Also, a tracklisting has finally appeared for his Hogmanay Mix, which they must have got off him today I reckon.

Be sure to listen out for some cunt asking for a Weatherall remix of the Gorillaz tune at about the 36 min mark...

Andrew Weatherall - Roundtable on 6 Music - 21 January 2010
1 - Richard Ashcroft - Are You Ready - "Can I steal the strings?"
2 - The Kissaway Trail - SDP - "I'm a sucker for the ringing bells"
3 - Cerys Matthews - Into The Blue - "she's my guilty pleasure, like Pot Noodles and Denise Van Outen"
4 - Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn - "Top Shop Music for Hollyoaks people"
5 - Gorillaz - Stylo - "I'll take Damon minus the Bobby Womack"
6 - Bomb The Bass - The Infinite - "sounds like a song that didn't quite make the cut on a Depeche Mode album"
7 - Eels - End Times - "I want to take the acoustic guitar off him, clip him on the ear and send him on his way."

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David Btn said...

AW must have a new agent. Buzzcocks next.