Thursday, 13 May 2010

Suicide - Hammersmith Apollo - 3 May 2010

Crowd recording from the night after I saw them a couple of weeks ago. Quality = pretty good.

Well, you can't have everything. I held out for a recording of the previous night, when we were down, but it hasn't materialised so this will have to do.

FUCK ME - this is one of the best live shows I have ever witnessed. No shit - at one point I had tears streaming down my face.When I first saw the tracklisting for this night, I was like "no way - they did Frankie Teardrop" (they hadn't done it the night I was there), but the more I think about it aye they did. Just in this fucked up version. I have memories coming back of Alan Vega screaming "Frankie Frankie" that have slowly crept back into my consciousness bit by bit after the event.

In the unlikey scenario that I live to the age of 71 I would like to have a fraction of the energy that Alan Vega displayed that night. Insane. Check Martin Rev's purple neon specs as well. Cool as fuck.

One of these shows that I've been waiting for for ever but didn't think I'd see in a million years. There was no was Iggy could follow it for me but he gave it a good shot...

Suicide - Hammersmith Apollo - 3 May 2010
1 - Ghost Rider
2 - Rocket USA
3 - Cheree
4 - Johnny
5 - Girl
6 - Frankie Teardrop
7 - Che

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Novemberer said...

Awesome, cheers for this, I had the opportunity to go to this show & passed on it 'cos I'm a lazy fucking idiot. My friends who DID go froth at the mouth & start barking every time I ask them what Suicide were like. Tres irritating... x

TonyFaeFife said...


Moggieboy said...

TonyFaeFife - my mate (the supplier of the Stooges boot) passed on yr regards just before Suicide came on. Just remembered about that there. Cheers!

the saucer people said...

The last time I saw them was back in 1998 when they played in London (with a mate whose last time was in 1978 supporting The Clash!) and even now its still in my top five of all time favourite gigs (and I am sure like most people on here, I have seen a lot of bands over the last three decades!)

Time has finally caught up with bands like Neu! & Suicide in the same way culture caught up with Surrealism & Dadaism in the 70s/80s or the way writers like Burroughs were finally acknowleged in the eighties...sometimes it takes decades for the impact of true artists to be realised (and often its after they have been dead for decades!) so its always a real priviledge to see them perform....I had the same thoughts as you Moggieboy when I saw them back in 98, at the time I was thinking "my gods, if I get to be 60 and..." and now they are still blowing 99% of other artists off the stage at an age when most people start winding down into inertia, entropy & daytime tv!

Thanks for the recordings, there was no way I could make this one but I really hope they make the journey back to play at least one more time! There is no way I am going to miss them again.

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