Sunday, 20 June 2010

Andrew Weatherall - Double Gone Radio #3

Third volume of website radio shows from Mr Weatherall.

It's weird - I usually check Rotters fairly regularly just in case there's a new mix up, but this one slipped past until I was kindly informed by a couple of R-i-G viewers. Cheers!

This is a proper 'mix' rather than records split up with talky bits, which is a nice wee change. Fuck me, it's magnificent - the sound of summer starts here, just the ticket for these hot afternoons that we've been having a lot of recently.

Seriously, the best Weatherall mix I've heard for ages - this one will be getting played to death. Turn it up to 11...

Andrew Weatherall - Double Gone Radio #3
1 - Space - Carry On Turn Me On (Architeq Mix)
2 - Everything Everything - My Keys, Your Boyfriend (Delphic Mix)
3 - Mighty Mouse - Song With No Word (Movement 1)
4 - Massive Attack - Pray For Rain (Tim Goldsworthy Remix)
5 - Ray Mang - Look Into My Eyes
6 - Michoacan - In The Dark Of The Night
7 - Filippson & Ulysses - The Endless (Extended Mix)
8 - The Golden Filter - Hide Me (Rory Phillips Dub)
9 - Mighty Mouse - Song With No Word (Movement 3)
10 - Acos Collkas - Free Flight
11 - Rainer Trueby - Hirtenruf
12 - Black Van - Yearning

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Anonymous said...

nice. was kinda getting tired of the other stuff.

swiss adam said...

I missed this too, got tired of constantly checking RGC and it not changing. Thanks for the download.

Moggieboy said...

@James - I can just imagine him sitting down to a plate of roast swan, stroking those whiskers...

BZA said...

Ah Moggieboy, this looks superb, very much looking forward to listening to this - more mayhem from Mr Weatherall...Summer starts here? You're telling me. As you'll know, Sick City has been bloody warm this last week!
All good...and thanks a million as always, cheers!!!